Monday, September 25, 2017

Semitransparent and flexible: Solar cells made from atomically thin sheet

Researchers at Tohoku University have developed an innovative method for fabricating semitransparent and flexible solar cells with atomically thin 2D materials. The new technology improves power conversion efficiency of up to 0.7% -- this is the highest value for solar cells made from transparent 2D sheet materials.

Transparent or semi-transparent solar cells with excellent mechanical flexibility have attracted much attention as next-generation smart solar cells. They can be used in various applications such as on the surfaces of windows, front display panels (for example: SUNJACK 20W PORTABLE SOLAR CHARGER )of personal computers and cell phones, and human skin. But issues remain with regards to improving their power conversion efficiency, optical transparency, flexibility, stability and scalability.

Led by Associate Professor T. Kato, the team showed easy and scalable fabrication of semitransparent and flexible solar cells using transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) -- an atomically thin 2D material. Using a Schottky-type configuration, power conversion efficiency can be increased up to 0.7%, which is the highest value reported with few-layered TMDs. Clear power generation was also observed for a device fabricated on a large transparent and flexible substrate.

"Since our device structure, Schottky-type solar cell, is very simple, the TMDs-based Schottky-type solar cell possesses good properties for scalability, which is one of the most important elements for use in practical applications." says Kato.

"The transparent and semi-transparent solar cell can be used in a variety of ways. This new type of solar cell is likely to have impact on the technologies we use in daily life in the near future."

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Welcome to 12V Solar Panels

Solar power is continuously gaining momentum and popularity. There are now solar chargers designed to power cell-phones, cars, laptops, etc. The solar charger harnesses energy form the sun and stores the energy within its battery for later use. Typically, a solar charger can hold on to its charge for up to a year. The advantage to using a solar charger is that it eliminates all of those unnecessary, bulky chargers for every electronic device.

Car Battery Chargers

Solar chargers for cars are becoming the most probable choice for powering cars and this is perhaps due to the convenience they create. As you drive, the solar charger will be charging your car battery and the best thing is that as long as you connect your battery to it, your battery cannot die simply because the car has not been driven for a while. Read more on solar car battery chargers here.

RV Solar Kits

You don’t need to hire a professional to plan a solar photovoltaic system for your RV. Using these steps, you can plan the perfect system on your own and calculate how long it will take to pay for itself. Read more on RV solar kits here. The RENOGY 40 AMP MPPT CHARGE CONTROLLER is a power packed controller that is suitable for a wide range of off-grid applications.It will increase your battery life and will take your solar system to the next level.

Boat Battery Chargers
One of the best ways to generate electricity is by using solar energy. 12v marine solar battery chargers are now widely used, are easy to install and can work for very many years without any problems. They are usually packed in a kit that has a solar panel, battery pack, conversion technology needed and any necessary wiring. Read more on solar boat battery chargers here.

Cell Phone Chargers
Solar powered cell phone chargers can be a better alternative to electrical cell phone chargers. You have to plug in your cell phone to a home outlet and then you have to wait a long time for your cell phone to be charged. Read more on solar cell phone battery chargers here.

Iphone Chargers
When choosing a solar charger for your iphone (3g, 3gs or 4g), there are two basic options: products manufactured primarily for the i phone, and products that are universal. With specialized chargers, you have more thought going toward the iphone, yet if you have multiple devices and want to power all equally, there is the less expensive option of purchasing a unit that can multi-task. Read more on solar Iphone battery chargers here.

Ipod Chargers
Charge your iPod, mp3 and other electronic devices with one of the best solar chargers. They are ideal for use when you are out and about; on vacations, or travelling. Since they use the power of the sun to recharge your devices there is no chance that you will be without charge. The solar charger uses the high power solar panels to charge its internal battery. It may require between 7 to 9 hours fully charge depending on the weather conditions. Read more on Ipod solar battery chargers here.

Digital Camera Chargers

Finding the right charger for your camera can be daunting especially if you are looking for something that will offer functionality as well as durability. With advancements in technology the introduction of solar chargers has come as an advantage. The solar chargers are economical and at the same time environmental friendly. Read more on solar digital camera chargers here.

Laptop Battery Chargers
Laptop batteries unfortunately run low as you use your laptop. Depending on the tasks you are performing, such as word processing versus watching a DVD, your battery will last for more or less time before it needs charging.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

How to Grow Your Business with Limited Budget

Every small business owner has a dream of growing his business to become next The sad reality is that there are very few of them who can get there. The key challenge for many small business owners is to grow the business with the limited resources they have. As it is said that it takes money to make money. Whoever can find a way to grow without increasing cost significantly will be the winner in this resource constraint world. So how do you achieve that Holy Grail? Here are few tips you can use to minimise your spending without sacrificing growth.

Company Vehicles

Having a company vehicle can present many financial advantages
  • Getting your name out there in the local community using a branded company car is an excellent way to build up brand awareness- ad space is built-in with another company asset. A bonus is that your name will go wherever the vehicle does.
  • It’s an incentive to prospective employees and ensures you attract high calibre applicants.
  • The government provides grants to buyers of electric or plug in cars like hybrids, so it’s worth considering as an option.

Friday, March 17, 2017

3 Important Tips for Making your Small Business a Success

Nearly half of small businesses fail in their first 3 years of existence. Success is in no way guaranteed when you are starting a small business. Part of the reason for this high failure rate is that small businesses have limited resources to work with. Oftentimes the owner of the business is managing all aspects of the business – From managing accounts to getting effective marketing materials produced to running the day to day operations of the business. As you can imagine this can get really busy, really fast. If you are not careful you may end up burning yourself or, even worse, your business can fail. Here are 3 tips you can use to alleviate the burden to some extent and succeed as a small business owner.

Reliable internet

One thing that’s a sure way to guarantee success is ensuring that you have a reliable internet connection. With the internet from companies like PackNet you can manage and monitor your social media, keep customers updated on any immediate changes such as shop closures or later opening times etc. and offer customers a Wi-Fi connection when they come in to your premises, making sure that they stay longer. Reliable internet also means essential thing like being able to log into online banking, order new supplies and check our competitors is all at the touch of a button.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

3 Services Your Business Should Consider Outsourcing

Running a business can be as stressful and draining as it is rewarding. Quite often it can be easier and far more efficient to outsource particular roles and services to professionals outside the business. There is nothing wrong with getting a bit of outside help for certain tasks and outsourcing can help save you and your business a lot of time and stress.

If the manager is also the one answering phones and emptying the bins, it might be a good time to consider outsourcing. Here are three areas your business could potentially use some outside help in.

HR Consulting

Sourcing new competent employees that will suit your business can be a tough job, as can managing, planning and developing your current team. When you’re so focused on your day-to-day business, personnel management and hiring can take up a lot of time. HR consulting and management companies such as Chandler Macleod can help you source and manage quality employees so you can keep your business running efficiently, with a suitable team behind you every step of the way. Professional HR consultants can also screen and assess potential employees and advise on current employment laws.

Semitransparent and flexible: Solar cells made from atomically thin sheet

Researchers at Tohoku University have developed an innovative method for fabricating semitransparent and flexible solar cells with atomica...